Ransomware is today’s number one security threat. United States is the most affected by ransomware, followed by Japan, Italy, India, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia, Russia, and Canada. Each version seems to be more powerful, destructive, and difficult to detect and eliminate than the last.

The only way to protect your organization and its data from ransomware is to have a reliable backup solution performing frequent backups that are regularly tested. SEP can provide expert assistance creating a thorough backup and disaster recovery strategy to eliminate the possibility of data loss and blackmail in the event of a cyber-attack.

By implementing a business continuity strategy against disaster utilizing both SEP backup software and SEP Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), you can restore entire physical and virtual servers, operating systems, databases, and applications quickly and easily. This recovery method can be achieved within minutes, regardless of the type of hardware in use. SEP BMR is fully integrated into the SEP interface to ensure a fast and complete system recovery. The data flow for the entire enterprise data recovery operation can be controlled from a single management console.

Develop and Test a Disaster Recovery Plan 

  • Do you have a Recovery Time Objective plan? How long would it take to restore all of your data? Could you be back up-and-running within a few hours if you had to restore everything?
  • Do you have a Recovery Point Objective plan? When was your last backup completed? How much data would you lose if an attack occurred X hours in between backups?
  • Are you certain that you would get all of your data back exactly how you need it?


Implementing a multi-layer security strategy – including anti-malware, personal firewall, hard disk and file encryption, DLP and more – is critical to protecting against growing cybersecurity threats.

Protect Your Data

  1. Employ a multi-faceted security solution that includes keeping all systems and software updated with relevant patches, and protecting against file-based threats, employing download protection, browser protection, and firewall protection.
  2. Define and employ a comprehensive prevention policy that includes endpoint and network policies and protection products (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc.). This policy should also limit the execution of unapproved programs on workstations, and limit a program’s write capabilities.
  3. Utilize system backups. Take volume level snapshots every 15 minutes and store them for a long time. Perform a system backup every 24 hours.
  4. Test, Test, Test. Implementing a strategy is only half the battle. Test your backups often and test your disaster recovery plan. Make sure your data is where you need it, when you need it. Using SEP BMR is easy. Use the SEP GUI to schedule periodic restores to confirm data veracity and that all systems are being backed up as planned.
  5. Be sure all employees are educated on actions to take and not take when they receive suspicious emails or other communications.
  6. Implementing a multi-layer security strategy – including anti-malware, personal firewall, hard disk and file encryption, DLP and more – is critical to protecting against growing cybersecurity threats.

Effective Backup Strategies

A ransomware event is typically progressive in nature. It works over time and can run in the background for a week or more, learning the behavior of your backup routines. That means it is important to maintain a persistent copy of your data in other locations as part of your disaster recovery procedures. Having a preserved version of your data from prior recovery points in protected locations is vital. Follow the “rule of three” for backup and recovery (three copies of data on different mediums, with at least one stored off-site). For example:

  1. Store a backup copy on another system.
  2. Store a backup copy in a cloud-based library.
  3. Use a tape backup.



SEP Backup and Recovery

Supporting the widest range of operating systems, databases, and applications, SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals managing data protection and business continuity. SEP replaces multiple backup software products with a single solution for hybrid IT environments – physical, virtual and cloud.

SEP’s one click install means an effective backup and recovery solution can be integrated into any system in the shortest time possible. Fast restores with SEP will reduce downtime and could save your data!


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