Physical Backup

Multi-Platform Data Protection & Business Continuity

SEP provides the most comprehensive and scalable backup and disaster recovery solution in the industry. Supporting the widest range of operating systems, databases and applications, SEP replaces multiple backup products with a single solution for businesses of all sizes.

Patented Multi-Streaming Technology leverages full network capabilities to provide multiple simultaneous backup streams, providing the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient backups possible. Exceptional remote management capabilities allow users to easily and efficiently manage thousands of locations from one location.

For a physical environment, SEP software is platform and hardware independent and will integrate into any existing infrastructure. All agents are fully interchangeable and easily re-assigned at any time. SEP can back up to any location – onsite or offsite, virtual or physical, private or public Cloud.

With SEP Bare Metal Recovery for Microsoft and Linux, disk drive and system failures will no longer be a devastating occurrence. Bare Metal Recovery restores damaged systems to their previous state in the shortest time possible. The entire system, settings, and user data are quickly restored to a new server using the easy restore wizard.



Comprehensive operating system support includes Windows, Linux, SUSE, Red Hat, Micro Focus, MacOS, Oracle, Solaris, Ubuntu, Debian, and AIX.

Fast Backup Speed

Patented Multi-Streaming Technology allows the backup of multiple servers/workstations/VMs simultaneously, significantly reducing backup times.

Disaster Recovery

Bare Metal Recovery for Windows & Linux to similar or dissimilar hardware. Create a bootable image file of a physical server that includes all configurations, partitions, drivers and settings. Users can boot the image file on physical or virtual servers and follow the easy restore wizard to recover the entire server and its data.


Fully integrated and secure way to back up, replicate and restore
to/from any private or public.


One Click Install

Simple installation and configuration – entire data centers, including remote locations, can be up and running in record time.


Choose from a-la-carte, capacity-based, or subscription licensing for complete customization. The main SEP console can be installed on Windows or Linux – add databases, applications, disaster recovery, virtual backup and cloud capabilities as needs expand.

Centralized Administration
Manage the entire enterprise with the management console from a central location or remote workstation.


Source-side dedupe is a high performance solution that optimizes backup performance by drastically reducing the amount of data transferred.


SEP Backup & Recovery is a hardware-independent software solution that will fit into any IT infrastructure. SEP supports all storage devices that are connected using a standard interface (e.g. FC, iSCSI, SAS, SATA, SCSI, or S3), supported by the hardware vendor, and recognized by the operating system. A few of our hardware technology partners include HPE, Dell, Fujitsu, NetApp, Spectra Logic, and Quantam. Visit Hardware Support for a list of supported hardware or Contact us for a complete list of supported storage and hardware options.

HPE StoreOnce

SEP’s integration with HPE StoreOnce offers better data management for all workloads – physical, virtual, cloud, on-premise, and remote location. SEP can enhance your HPE investment by eliminating costly downtime and data loss, and reducing data management overhead. By utilizing HPE StoreOnce Catalyst’s intelligent communication, SEP can achieve faster backup and recovery speeds, increased ransomware protection, and reduced bandwidth requirements. Adding SEP also gives HPE users the ability to use hybrid environments with Microsoft and Linux with a single integrated solution. Be confident in your data with SEP.

Benefits of adding SEP to HPE StoreOnce include:

  • Faster backup and recovery with HPE Catalyst support
  • Bandwidth efficient backup & recovery over Fibre Channel, LAN, and WAN
  • Dynamic data protection against ransomware
  • Disaster recovery from physical or virtual machines
  • VM instant restore directly from StoreOnce
blue check mark HPE StoreOnce Certified

Free Trial

30-Day SEP Backup & Recovery software license with full support and zero limitations

SUSE Enterprise Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) is a distributed storage solution designed for reliability and performance. Using an intelligent and automated storage system, SES is simple to manage and can easily reduce costs. SES is the ideal storage solution for many applications and archived data.

Combining SEP Software with SES will create a secure, highly scalable solution with enough space for any amount of data and growth rate. Data is deduplicated to reduce the amount of SES space required to store a protected backup copy. SEP encrypts all data from start to finish, which means data is encrypted at rest and in motion during the transfer. The practices of securing tested backups that are encrypted end-to-end is the only way to guarantee data protection.

Red Hat Storage

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy and Replication at your fingertips

Red Hat Storage provides global replication with a single point of administration. The replication is latency aware, object based and flawlessly works with SEP global deduplication. The Open Stack Gluster FS offers unlimited storage growth using any kind of disk storage. Simply add storage capacity for new backup jobs to the Red Hat Storage Server and SEP is ready to use the new backup space right away. This scalable and redundant backup-solution-stack allows tearing and backup-data-migration on any storage hardware or cloud storage.

We also offer backup solutions for Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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