Data Protection for Oracle Solutions

SEP offers a high-performance backup and recovery solution to protect Oracle databases. The Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is fully supported by SEP to provide backup and recovery operations for Oracle databases on Linux, Solaris, AIX and Windows. SEP offers a Media Management Library (MLL) specified by Oracle. With this technology, you can perform full and incremental backups while the database is online, all while keeping the information on the database accessible.

Oracle® Linux Virtualization Manager

SEP offers a fully integrated solution for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) with native backup API support and advanced snapshot backups. The SEP for Oracle data protection solution provides fast and intuitive VM restores without the need to install backup clients on each virtual machine. Special disaster recovery procedures are no longer required. RTOs and RPOs can easily be fulfilled. A key advantage of the SEP data protection platform is the optional command line interface that enables highly customized administration of the backup and restore processes in any environment.

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