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Backup & Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Windows, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, & SharePoint

SEP is a comprehensive, scalable solution for all Microsoft environments including Windows Server, Windows Workstations, Hyper-V, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and SQL Server. SEP software is platform and hardware independent and will integrate into any existing infrastructure. All agents are fully interchangeable and easily re-assigned at any time. SEP can back up to any location – onsite or offsite, virtual or physical, private or public Cloud.

Bare Metal Recovery for Windows

SEP Bare Metal Recovery for Windows gives administrators a powerful and flexible tool to recover systems to similar or dissimilar hardware. This drastically minimizes downtime after a server crash. Server and workstation migration to different hardware is also supported. SEP creates snapshot backups that can be restored to any type of media at any location, on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, using Bare Metal Recovery.

  • Available for Windows servers and Workstations
  • Fully integrated into the SEP GUI for a single point of administration
  • Quickly and comprehensively restore clients without prior partitioning or installing operating systems
  • Servers/workstations are bootable in minutes

Microsoft Hyper – V

SEP offers efficient, scalable and easy-to-use tools for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments that go beyond simple virtual machine backups and create a solution to optimize any environment. Managing Hyper-V data protection has never been easier than with SEP’s integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI) that simplifies the planning and execution of automated virtual backups by displaying available VMs and power statuses.
  • Full integration into the backup environment
  • Full integration into the management interface
  • Restore and replicate VMs onto the original or alternate system
  • Open-file Backups
  • Windows VSS Snapshots and file consistency with VSS
  • Encryption (stream, media)
  • Unlimited number of VMs are supported
  • Small Backup Footprint
  • Exchange, SQL, SharePoint Aware
  • Cluster Support
  • Supported VMs: any O/S supported by Hyper-V
  • Backup Methods: Hot, Cold
  • Backup Types: Full, Granular, Image-Level
  • SEP VM Essentials: socket-based solution for Hyper-V
Microsoft Exchange Server
SEP provides complete, non-disruptive protection of Microsoft Exchange databases and mailbox components, including incremental mailbox backups. With flexible restore options, SEP delivers rapid, granular recovery of Exchange Servers, Active Directory, databases, mailboxes, single emails and single items. Perform hot backups of Database Availability Groups (DAG) to reduce the workload of the active Exchange database and leverage Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) integration for guaranteed consistent backups.

  • Hot Backup – Complete, nondisruptive protection of Exchange databases and mailbox components, including incremental mailbox backups
  • Flexible Restore Options – Rapid, granular recovery of Exchange Servers, databases, mailboxes, single emails and single items
  • Drag-and-Drop – Simple single item restore using easy drag-and-drop technology
  • DAG support – Perform hot backups of database availability groups to reduce the workload of the active Exchange databases
  • Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) integration



Microsoft SharePoint

SEP can perform granular hot backups and restores all of Microsoft SharePoint Server components. The SEP SharePoint Module includes all components to back up and protect all SharePoint portal content, including web store data; Microsoft Search Service system resources; SharePoint configuration information; applications folder; and any content sources that reference the local file system. SEP can restore all SharePoint servers as well as all databases files in no time. This includes site collections, sites, lists and the configuration of the SharePoint environment. With SEP, SharePoint is backed up without disrupting any applications.

  • Robust Data Integrity
  • Granular Restore Options – Disaster recovery of an entire SharePoint farm, different databases, site collections or single items
  • Ease-of-Use – SEP management interface provides full control to centrally protect SharePoint environments
  • Drag-and-Drop – Simple single item restore using easy drag-and-drop technology
  • Run-Time Detection – Dynamic detection of new databases and SharePoint hosts create continuous SharePoint data protection



MS SQL Server
SEP back and recovery for MS SQL is a robust solution that is VSS aware, enables uninterrupted backups of databases, and offers cross-table restore capabilities. This solution backs up the database and database instances directly to the storage media without intermediate storage on the file-system. SEP supports full, copy, differential and incremental (transaction log) backups of MS SQL Servers.

  • Backup types – Full, Copy, Differential and Incremental (transaction log)
  • Cross restore of databases – Easily recover databases to different SQL-servers or instances
  • Create unattached databases
  • Interactive browsing of databases – With the assistance of the SEP client browser, select the database(s) for backup using the management interface



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