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Data Protection for Micro Focus

SEP is the perfect solution for all Micro Focus environments whether exclusively Micro Focus shops or hybrid systems running multiple Operating Systems. SEP supports all Micro Focus products including NetWare, Open Enterprise Server (OES), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), ZenWorks, iFolder, eDirectory, NSS Volumes, GroupWise, Trustee Rights and more.


Agentless Single File Restore for NSS Volumes on VMware
Open Enterprise Server (OES) Cluster Ready
  • SEP has the only current software that allows for full cluster support in both OES Linux and NetWare environments. Fail-over capability and recognition backups to continue in the event of node loss or failure. Backups will complete from point of interruption. Nodes of an OES cluster can be physical or virtual.
Migration from NetWare to OES
  • By installing SEP, you can easily migrate NetWare files to OES by performing a simple backup and restoring to the similar file structure on the OES platform.
Target Service Agent (TSA)
  • Scheduled backups use Target Service Agent technology providing a complete solution. SEP online backup and restore capability allows you to natively backup and restore eDirectory entries, iFolder entries, NSS Volumes files with all Trustee Rights and GroupWise systems.
Storage Services (NSS)
  • SEP fully backs up NSS Volumes including Trustee Rights. Using the Restore Wizard volumes are easily restored with all user permissions if data is lost or destroyed.


Micro Focus GroupWise

The SEP Module for Micro Focus GroupWise offers complete, non-disruptive protection of GroupWise databases and mailbox components, including incremental mailbox backups. With flexible restore options, SEP delivers rapid, granular recovery of GroupWise servers, Post Offices, databases, mailboxes, single emails and items.


  • Hot Backup – Complete, non-disruptive protection of GroupWise databases and mailbox components
  • Flexible Restore Options – Rapid, granular recovery of GroupWise Servers, databases, mailboxes, single emails and items
  • Automatic Restore Options – Schedule automatic restores to create warm standbys for disaster recovery

Micro Focus Vibe

The Micro Focus Vibe module can be installed as a stand-alone solution for Vibe users or it can be integrated into a complete backup solution using any of SEP’s Micro Focus certified products.

Micro Focus Filr

SEP provides reliable backups for all Filr-supported servers such as NetWare, OES, and Windows.  When backing up Filr, eDirectories, Active Directories and LDAP’s are protected to grant access for all users. SEP is also designed to work with existing security infrastructures.  Firewalls will continue to protect while SEP backups are replicated to a DR site.

SEP is perfect for backups of clustered environments with physical and virtual machines. Multi-hypervisor support and the ability to back up all operating systems, applications and databases gives you the flexibility to design an environment tailored to your needs.


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