SEP Managed Service Provider Program



Demand for Cloud Backup has Never Been Greater

Take advantage of a growing market! Signing up as an SEP Managed Service Provider (MSP) will give you the opportunity to provide data protection and data availability solutions to your customers and provide a valuable source of revenue to you and your company.

Protection Against Disaster and Ransomware

Minimize Downtime – Zero Data Loss

As an SEP MSP you will have the tools to provide your customers with Enterprise Class backup services and disaster recovery services. We offer service providers flexible software license packages to fit your business and your customer’s needs. All SEP modules and functionality are available in the MSP license models.

Our software allows you to securely transfer customer data to the cloud, your data center or provide your services to any customer on-site, creating an ideal backup solution for each environment.


  • Steady revenue stream
  • Simple, flexible licensing
  • Cloud, Dedicated Infrastructure & On-premise options
  • SEP offers the most comprehensive Cloud Hypervisor Support
  • Wide range of solutions for all database and application backup and recovery
  • Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac infrastructures
  • Full support with training and technical resources

Easy to Expand Your Services at Any Time!


Backup as a Service


Replication as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service


Disaster Recovery on Demand


Cross-Site Replication

Cloud Backup

Emergency Data Center

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