License Request Form

To request a license, please fill out the form provided with your company, contact, and license request information.

Your SEP license will be emailed to the contact email address provided in the form within two business days.

What kind of license do you need?

Evaluation License Extension: If you are testing SEP and your 30-day trial has ended, please select Evaluation License Extension.

Permanent License: If you are a current customer and need a replacement software key for your current SEP license, please select Permanent License Request.

License Transfer Request: If you are a current customer and you need a modification to your current SEP license, please select License Transfer Request.

Partner NFR: If you are a partner of SEP requesting a new NFR or an extension of your current NFR, please select Partner NFR.

License Request Instructions

Please follow these instructions to determine the correct backup server Host Name and IP Address for your SEP license:

  1. Go into the SEP GUI.
  2. Go to Help.
  3. Go to License Info.
  4. Please copy and paste your License Info into Additional Information.