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SEP Software provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable data protection solution that quickly backs up your data to any location – onsite, offsite, tape, disk, or cloud – and easily recovers it anywhere.

SEP 30-day trials are intended for use on server operating systems, virtual or physical. Before downloading your free trial, review our Quick Install Guide.

To download the full trial, install the SEP Server Package. The server package is the central point for managing your environment. The full trial includes access to all SEP components. Download the following components based on your desired SEP backup configuration:

  • SEP sesam Server: Server package is the central point for managing your environment and already includes SEP sesam GUI and Client.
  • SEP sesam Clients: Protect workstations, PCs, virtual machines and file servers by installing a Client package
  • SEP sesam GUI: This platform independent central management interface is a part of Server package but can also be installed separately. The Master GUI is used to administer multiple SEP sesam Servers from a single location.
  • SEP sesam Remote Device Server (RDS): Enables backing up data at a remote location to disk or tape on a server. The backed up data is stored on the RDS, while client-related metadata is stored on the master SEP sesam Server.
  • SEP Modules: To protect your databases, applications, and virtual environments, use additional extensions (modules). For details, check our support matrix and our list of all supported extensions.

Try SEP Software for 30 days to uncover the dynamic power of SEP Backup & Disaster Recovery.

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