Deduplication & Replication

Faster backup windows, improved performance and the highest data security with SEP Deduplication, Replication and Encryption.


Utilize disk space more efficiently and reduce storage costs with the dynamic SEP deduplication solution.

SEP Si3 Deduplication is a scalable, high-performance, source-side solution that greatly reduces storage requirements.  Si3 delivers extremely fast restores due to the deduplication repository’s direct block-level access with zero file system overhead, eliminating any performance degradation during read operations. By using variable block sizes, you can compress more data into smaller footprints and maximize limited disk space.

Deduplication processes can be set by the main SEP management console to start during a backup or can be scheduled to occur at a set time on a regular basis. This flexibility allows you to accommodate different use cases for both deduplicated and raw data.

SEP software-based deduplication runs on any hardware, eliminating the need for expensive, hardware-based deduplication appliances.


SEP Si3 Replication is an easy and secure way to consistently replicate data between a main data center, a disaster recovery site, remote locations, and the cloud, providing redundancy for disaster recovery as well as reducing overall disk and tape storage requirements.

Maximize your existing infrastructure with SEP by creating off-site warm standbys and/or replicating data from any node to any other node. Since SEP is completely hardware independent, you can replicate to dissimilar hardware.

Deduplication and Replication Features

SEP Si3 Deduplication Key Features:

  • Maximizes disk space and reduces storage costs
  • Operates on any hardware and consolidates data efficiently
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hardware-based deduplication appliances
  • Decreases power consumption in data centers

SEP Si3 Replication Key Features:

  • Reduces disaster recovery costs with hardware independent software replication
  • Decreases network traffic and maximizes bandwidth by only sending changed blocks
  • Minimizes downtime by automatically creating warm standbys
  • Fully integrates into the SEP single platform solution offering a single user interface for the entire environment

SEP Si3 Encryption Key Features:

  • SEP can compress data stream into blocks and each block can be encrypted using a randomly generated key
  • Integrated encryption of:
    • Communication
    • Data transport
    • Data on tape, DataStore or DedupStore
    • Data replication to the Cloud
  • Requires activated authentication
  • Uses the key algorithm: IDEA
  • Ensures compliance with general data protection legislation
  • Completes the encrypted data chain after transmission
  • No Backdoors, BSI compliant
  • GDPR compliant

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