SEP Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud offsite backup, archiving and disaster recovery is simple with SEP. Backup and replicate physical and virtual data to the cloud without having to build offsite infrastructure.

The SEP Hybrid Cloud approach provides a single vendor solution for on-premise and cloud data with the flexibility of using both privately and publicly hosted clouds. Easy to set up, manage and automate, SEP cloud backup provides comprehensive data protection for the entire environment – Virtual, Physical and Cloud.

S3 Cloud Replication

Replicate your Data in the Cloud

  • Backup copy with separate EOL
  • Cost effective cloud storage
  • Media breach insurance
  • Global access to data
  • Use S3 to access any local object storage, e.g. SES

Ensure data security and performance

  • Encrypted connection to S3 via https
  • Data reduction using SEP deduplication
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Significant cost reduction through optimizing the number of S3 transfer calls by transferring complete saveset files

Key Features

Business Continuity

Seamlessly integrated solution for public and hybrid cloud is a simple extension of the enterprise backup and disaster recovery for both virtual and physical environments.

Data Security

Encrypted data can be sent to dedicated data centers while redundant copies of data are secured off-site or in the Cloud.

Storage Flexibility

Complete flexibility when planning, building or expanding any Cloud backup infrastructure.


Once installed, solution can be expanded as needed without expensive upgrade fees.

Infrastructure Control

Ability to select the most efficient backup solution possible to fit your current infrastructure’s needs.

Certified Compatibility

Vendor certified compatibility with any storage device including cloud, disk and tape.


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