Alpine School District

“We evaluated and tested quite a few different backup software solutions over a three year period and nothing fulfilled our needs until we tried SEP…”

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Alpine School District Case Study

Andersen Construction

“The overhead in time and complexity of running the backups for the remote locations and headquarters demanded we seek a new solution; one that could back up our legacy applications as well as run on Novell’s newest OES platform”

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Andersen Construction Case Study

Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics

“We took a look at the backup market and quickly found out that most vendors are far less scalable.” For more than 15 years, the Munich Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Medicine (AHC) has provided doctors and institutions with a wide range of diagnostic methods and technologies. The Center was in search of a backup solution that would support its entire IT infrastructure…”

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AHC Case Study

City of Fitchburg

“Even though we are backing up more servers than ever before, our backup window is much shorter and the ongoing costs with SEP are half as much…”

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City of Fitchburg Case Study

City of Thousand Oaks

As data continued to grow, the Bank of Cologne found their backup windows steadily increasing and the reliability of their existing backup program, CA ARCserve, equally decreasing. Backing up a 1.2 TB volume of data per day was a requirement that few backup software programs could satisfy…

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City of Thousand Oaks Case Study

College Jean-de-Brebeuf

“The installation of SEP went very smoothly. I was quite impressed. The support team was excellent and we got the server up and running the same day…”

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College Jean de Brebeuf Case Study

Davos Klosters

“The best part about SEP is that I can back everything up with one product. All areas and volumes of data are covered with a single solution…”

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Davos Klosters Case Study

East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District

ECCV was having a great deal of difficulty getting the old backup solution, CA ARCserve, to work consistently. A full backup of critical data took over 13 hours to complete and required continuous monitoring. The software no longer supported the mix of platforms in use…

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ECCV Case Study

Fairview School District

“Our overall experience with SEP has been excellent. I like that the SEP GUI is easy to use and I would definitely recommend SEP to anyone seeking a backup solution…”

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Fairview School District Case Study

Georgetown University

“Implementing SEP has allowed us to use other equipment, including our hundred slot ADIC tape library, which was basically unavailable to us with our old solution. The time we spend working on backup related issues has shrunk by a factor of 90% and the acquisition cost for SEP was less than our annual maintenance fee for the old backup solution…”

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Georgetown University Case Study

German Institute of Human Nutrition

“SEP is one of the few products that is able to back up our entire IT environment, which contains different operating systems, databases and various file servers.”

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DIfE Case Study 

Grand Bank & Trust of Florida

“SEP has exceeded our expectations by easing the workload and providing a quality backup solution. The time we spend working on backup-related issues has shrunk by about 90%…”

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Grand Bank & Trust Case Study

Highland Community College

Highland Community College was using a combination of ARCserve to backup file and print servers, vRanger to backup their virtual environment and an assortment of different scripts to cover databases and everything else in their infrastructure.  We really just wanted on solution to manage everything and consolidate down to one backup platform that fully supported our environment…

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Highland Community College Case Study


INVAP was in need of a new backup solution that would be able to handle support for their Novell file system, Linux file system, eDirectory, new GroupWise 2012 and support pertinent data from all 80 of their primarily Linux-based servers. With ARCserve, INVAP was forced to perform time-consuming full backups throughout the week, when all they needed to do on a day-to-day basis was incrementally back up the data that had changed each day…

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INVAP Case Study

Katun Corporation

Katun Corporation, the largest global provider of OEM parts for printers and photocopiers, had used CA ARCserve for several years but corporate growth and new software developments, along with the conversion to Novell OES2 from a legacy NetWare system, necessitated a new solution. Katun needed a workable solution to manage manufacturing sites around the world simply and efficiently…

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Katun Corporation Case Study

Lavendon Group

The Lavendon Group, a worldwide market leader in the rental of powered aerial work platforms and mobile elevating work platforms, had administered backups on a server-by-server basis using Symantec’s Backup Exec. This process was incredibly time-consuming with daily management and administration. When Backup Exec discontinued support for a key component of their environment, Lavendon was in trouble.

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Lavendon Group Case Study


“Our time spent managing our backup solution has gone from 1 to 2 hours per day, to 1 to 2 hours per week, and that estimate for SEP is on the high side. We only spend time looking at SEP to verify that everything is running smoothly, space looks ok and perhaps make any changes that we may have to our backup schedules.”

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Millikin University Case Study

Mount Aloysius

Mount Aloysius College’s backup software had become overly complicated to achieve the necessary backups the College required. The software was at a point where it needed to be renewed, so the College’s IT Department decided to see what else was out there in terms of full range backup solutions that would support their current and future environments.

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Mount Aloysius College Case Study

National Research Council of Canada

“My favorite feature of SEP is the variety of systems it supports. It just works for all systems”


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National Research Council of Canada Case Study

Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Unacceptable backup performance was causing SRON to lose valuable computing time and forced the IT Department to skip or stagger backup tasks for mission critical data. A test of the existing Yosemite backup software from Barracuda proved that the product had to be scrapped. After choosing SEP, their backup window reduced from four days to four hours…

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SRON Case Study

Pflugerville Independent School District

Pflugerville ISD was faced with moving their operation from old, antiquated SAN and server hardware, to a new SAN and virtualized infrastructure. They needed a backup system that would not take up a lot of physical room and would support their environment…

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Pflugerville ISD Case Study

Public Utility of Potsdam

Potsdam’s IT Department began a step-by-step conversion from physical servers to a Critix XenServer virtual environment. It quickly became evident that their existing backup solution was not going to work in this new virtual environment. The IT team found and tested three different solutions, but the only solution that fulfilled all the requirements was Xen & Now from SEP…

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Public Utility of Potsdam Case Study

Public Works and Government Services of Canada

Public Works of Canada needed a solution that could be implemented at 38 sites around Canada with the capbility of remote access and control. They were in the process of upgrading all of their remote NetWare servers with Novell’s OES2 and their existing backup solution, ARCserve, could not perform to the task as designed…

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Public Works and Government Services of Canada Case Study

Scripps College

“The biggest thing I noticed when we went into production with SEP was the backup speed. Our backup window went from 3 days or more to 90 percent of our systems backed up and completed with the first 3 hours…”

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Scripps College Case Study

Spearfish School District

The Spearfish School District of South Dakota was using Symantec Backup Exec 9 as their backup solution. Unfortunately, it was slow, unreliable and strained the District’s valuable hardware, network and resources…

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Spearfish School District Case Study

Tax Analysts

“From the time I initially downloaded the software until the time I had it up and running and performing successful backups was about 45 minutes. In fact, I actually called tech support and told them I thought I had done something wrong…”

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Tax Analysts Case Study

Underwriter's Safety & Claims

When Western Digital decided to end-of-life their newly acquired backup software product, Arkeia, Underwriters Safety and Claims was faced with the unexpected challenge of finding a new backup solution.When Western Digital decided to end-of-life their newly acquired backup software product, Arkeia, Underwriters Safety and Claims was faced with the unexpected challenge of finding a new backup solution.

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Underwriters Safety and Claims Case Study

Winnipeg Technical College

“We saw how easy it was to install SEP and we were immediately impressed. We worked with one the SEP engineers and we had our entire college switched over in under 3 hours…”

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Winnipeg Technical College Case Study

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