SEP Software, creator of award winning backup and disaster recovery software, has partnered with the Fujitsu Alliance Program and has been verified for use with Fujitsu’s Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes. SAP Landscapes is an integrated arrangement solution for running SAP that is particularly well suited for medium-sized companies. Under the PRIMEFLEX portfolio, Fujitsu offers integrated systems that not only consist of servers, storage and connectivity solutions, but software and management layers as well. This arrangement provides new possibilities for companies to establish flexible data backup solutions in a modern storage environment at an attractive price. The Fujitsu FlexFrame team and SAP have both tested SEP software for high-performance use in data centers, as well as native, inline backup and disaster recovery for Oracle applications and SAP HANA with very impressive results.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes is based on the FlexFrame Infrastructure developed by Fujitsu for sophisticated and high-availability SAP application environments. It enables companies and organizations to very quickly implement powerful data center technology to expand their businesses and optimize complex IT environments. SAP Landscapes that are organized under PRIMEFLEX, offer modern orchestration and administrative functions and have been optimized for the operational concept of the entire SAP Landscape. Centralized SAP software components can be dynamically distributed to both physical and virtual resources based individual needs.

SEP is one of the very few validated data protection solutions for Fujitsu FlexFrame environments. SEP Software has been SAP-certified for over 20 years and now, together with Fujitsu, has been validated specifically for PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes. Mission critical SAP data can now be secured at Fujitsu data centers by using SEP backup software. Fujitsu and its sales partners now offer SEP software in combination with Fujitsu hardware from a single source.

Joachim Witte, Head of the SAP team at Fujitsu, stated, “Integrated systems are becoming increasingly important for our customers because the components in complex infrastructures must be matched optimally to each other. We, therefore, choose our partners very carefully and examine the efficiency and quality of the relationship very closely. Our partner, SEP, fully meets our requirements. I would also like to emphasize that SEP has more than achieved the required performance in PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes environments. SEP’s many years of experience with SAP environments plays an important role here.”

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